About Us

Seaside Emporium is the online shop from Visit Fylde Coast. They’re both brands from The Rabbit Patch Ltd – we’re a creatives business right beside the sea in sunny Cleveleys. Find out more about us, the paintings, photos and gifts we create just for you…

Meet the Team


Derek the Designer and Artist

Derek Littlewood is the artist behind Seaside Emporium. He’s the one who draws and paintsphotographs, designs and creates.

Now back in Lancashire his life has gone full circle. He was born on Walney Island just off Barrow-in-Furness, and lived his childhood years in Preston. His dad worked at English Electric and wanted him to be an engineer – but Derek had other ideas and risked the wrath of his father to go instead to Lancaster Art School.

Training at art school in those days included everything. Life drawing, screen printing, technical drawing, how buildings work, ceramics, fabric design and more. He famously spent a week sat on the beach at Morecambe drawing waves! After art school he moved to South Yorkshire to his first job. Many years later he’s now back in Cleveleys and painting again.

Kevin the Coder

Kevin is the coding genius who makes the Seaside Emporium online shop work (and the Visit Fylde Coast websites).

It was twenty years with HSBC at the data centre where worldwide computer systems are managed that was Kevin’s training ground. 

Now chief programmer and coder at The Rabbit Patch, Kevin can create just about anything that Jane (and clients) ask for! 


Jane the Organiser

Jane’s been organising the Rabbits for nearly 30 years. Managing clients, workflow, the books, projects, and generally keeping the business on track. 

She also organises the Seaside Emporium. Getting products ready to sell, putting them online and marketing them so that people know they’re available to buy. It’s an endless job, because websites take a lot of work!

Jane’s also the publisher who writes and adds content to Visit Fylde Coast on a daily basis. Creating new articles, managing Facebook and sending out the weekly email newsletter.

Chrissie Blogger

Chrissie’s nickname is the Managing Director! 

She’s the one with casting vote when all other decisions fail and the voice of reason when a problem needs resolving.

Chrissie is also resident blogger at Visit Fylde Coast, with a following all of her own!




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Original Artwork

Made to Order

Pictures, painting and cards are made specially to order just for you.

Made in Cleveleys

Orders are made as they're received, right here in the Seaside Emporium workshop.

Made to Please

Love, care and attention goes into every product. Everything is made to please you.

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