About Us

Original Art

We love to take photographs.


We love to draw and paint.


We love original quirky products.


About Us


We’re The Rabbit Patch - a family graphic and web design business - and in 1999 we bought a house at Cleveleys...

We loved it so much here that we started publishing Visit Fylde Coast - our own independent websites, social media pages and enewsletter. Visit Cleveleys came first in 2009 and was an ‘itch to scratch’. Then one thing led to another, and the Visit Fylde Coast websites grew and grew!

In 2015 we decided it was time to set up a shop. We're artists as well as designers and website builders and we wanted to provide a range of nice quality, original products. Not just for all the thousands of other people who love the Fylde Coast and want lasting memories of holidays and special times – but everyone who loves the British seaside. And so Seaside Emporium was born.

Pictures, Photos and Products

We design and produce our own products. Derek Littlewood is resident artist and designer. He paints in watercolour and acrylic and keeps a stream of new illustrations flowing. Some are familiar scenes and buildings from the Fylde Coast, some are completely imaginary. He's very talented and all are amazing.

Using our original illustrations, photographs and poster art designs we produce a range of prints, posters, cards, pictures and such like.

If you would like something different or a particular product or scene please tell us. We can do special orders and commissions. We don’t have a business if we don’t make what you like. So come with us on our journey as Seaside Emporium grows – who knows where it will take us!



Derek the Designer
Derek is the artist who is the artist behind Seaside Emporium ...
Kevin the Coder
Kevin is the coding genius who makes things work on the internet ...
Jane the Organiser
Jane has been organising the Rabbits for 25 years ...
Chrissie Blogger
Chrissie’s the one who has the casting vote ...