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A range of original products inspired by the seaside.

Bags, cups, calendars, cards.
Like a magpie collects anything shiny (and we like shiny too!)
we’re starting to collect a range of new products for you to enjoy,
each one featuring our own range of unique art.
We love nice things. And we love the Fylde Coast.
So it seemed obvious to put the two together and create a range of nice things
which either featured the Fylde or were designed here. We hope you like them.

About Seaside Emporium


Seaside Emporium is a brand of original art brought to you fresh from the Fylde Coast
with a range of different styles for you to choose from.

Hand drawn, original watercolour paintings – whimsical scenes of the British seaside with a feeling of nostalgia,
some of it is real, some of it isn’t – but the finished effect is gorgeous!

Those of you who prefer a more modern seaside theme might prefer our range of original graphical illustrations –
in cool blues and seaside greens – perfect colours to create your own seaside theme wherever you live.

Or you might prefer stunning scenes from real life captured for you in a photograph.
Pick from sunsets or seascapes – the Fylde Coast is a photogenic place from end to end –
and this is just a very small selection of the many hundreds of photos that we have here in our archive.

We Love the Seaside

We are The Rabbit Patch. We’re a family design business and we bought a house in Cleveleys in 1999. We loved it so much here that we started publishing our own independent websites about the place. Visit Cleveleys came first in 2009 and was an ‘itch to scratch’, then one thing led to another and the Visit Fylde Coast websites grew and grew!

In 2015 we decided it was time to set up a shop to provide a range of nice quality, original products for all the thousands of other people who love the Fylde and wanted lasting memories of holidays and special times – not just here but at the quintessential British seaside – and so Seaside Emporium was born! Please enjoy!